GuerrillaReads No.4

Author Terry Wolverton reads “Nothing and Everything” from her manuscript, Wounded World.

Wolverton is the author of Shadow and Praise, Embers and Bailey’s Beads, among other works. She is also the founder of Writers at Work.

This guerrilla reading took place at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood, CA.


5 responses to “GuerrillaReads No.4

  1. Wow – I loved this reading by Terry Wolverton. Powerful and thought-provoking. I’m looking forward to hearing the others.

  2. Terry,
    What a lovely way to start my day! Listening to you read reminds me how very much I enjoy hearing you perform your work. And now, I can see you, too!

    I know I’ll return to this video, so I can hear and understand every word of what you’ve written. Powerful thoughts on “Nothing and Everything.”

    Have a wonderful day down there in LA!

  3. PS. I’ve shared this vid on my Facebook page. And while I was there I plugged your book Shadow and Praise. Let’s see if this social networking can work for writers, eh?

  4. Terry you have done it again. While I was listening to your reading I was transported to New Mexico and could hear the sounds and feel the space. Bravo

  5. Hi Terry – you look MARVELOUS as they used to say on Saturday Night Live but I truly mean it, Terry. The presentation of your writing is both calming and mesmerizing at the same time. I am so pumped by seeing you on Guerilla Reads. I do believe we see the things that will be most meaningful for us when we are open to them in the Universe and I am so glad Bronwyn sent me this post. I am envisioning my own ‘Guerilla Reads’ video so thanks much, guys. Also, I want you guys to be successful for yourselves and all writers so here are a few comments (p.s. I used to work in advertising in New York City so I kinda know a little bit about presentation)Your banner that comes up on the Homepage, while lovely, doesn’t really speak to the power and va-va-voom of what follows. Any chance it could be a rolling montage of snippets from the Guerilla Reads you’ve posted? Then visitors will know right away what’s in store for them. I’d like to see you guys get more exposure and comments. Do you know Rick Lupert of PoetrySuperHighway? He’s a great resource and is down there somewhere in SoCal. He was my inspiration to get my first book out and he’s been very generous in using my poetry on his site periodically. I’m now a Sponsor for his yearly poetry contest. Anyway, I’m sure he’d do a quick blurb for you guys on his site. You’re on MySpace so that’s cool and I’m sure you’re asking writers who have cool websites or blogs to include you as a link or as a ‘favorite’ site. Let’s see, what else, would LA Weekly do something about you? Gotta run, literally, to exercise my golden retriever babies. I’m wishing you growth and propserity and lots more Guerilla Reads, maybe even mine!!! Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, ‘The Shadow of a Dog I Can’t Forget’ and a fan of your classes at Writers at Work

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