GuerrillaReads No. 17

How to live the good life? Just ask Fritz Donnelly. Each chapter of his book explores a different aspect of what makes the good life, such as

  • Walk to work
  • Talk to strangers
  • Prefer locomotion to stillness, swimming to walking
  • Marshall expedients

This guerrilla reading features chapter 4 – Take note.

There are shades of Dostoyevsky in this enigmatic book; humor and pathos in the narrator’s voice. It’s as laugh-out-loud funny as you dare to read: “Part psychological adventure tale and part hilarious philosophical investigation.”

You can see more chapters or buy the book: How To Live the Good Life: The Complete Book of Rules.



One response to “GuerrillaReads No. 17

  1. My favorite read since the Tao of Pooh! Thanks for sharing it with us. The author is a wild one!

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