GuerrillaReads No. 43: Susan Orosco

Susan Orosco is a Certified Master Hypnotist who specializes in Latino Mind Reprogramming. As she explains,

I know it is frustrating to have big dreams and not know how to begin to accomplish them. You are taught since childhood to pursue traditional methods of success; like hard work, save, and invest. This is good advice but how do you get that kind of opportunity? How do you get money left over at the end of the month to save or invest? It seems all you can do is work hard! You find yourself in an endless cycle. You spin your wheels; dream some more and watch as everybody else is getting ahead.

In her book, Latino Power, Orosco offers seven ways Latinos can build a new mindset to help achieve your goals.

As Orosco says, “To find your purpose, you will always need your passion; and your passion will always need your persistence.”

More about Orosco on her website.


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