GuerrillaReads No. 79: Lucy Wang

Author Lucy Wang does some investigating “down there” where she discovers chirping chickens,  spicy red peppers and the door to death and destruction.

This guerrilla reading is an excerpt from her one-woman show, Chinese Girls Don’t Swear. Read more about Wang or follow her @sensuousgourmet.


3 responses to “GuerrillaReads No. 79: Lucy Wang

  1. This is ground-breaking material and performance. I am organizing a women’s acting group (by and for women) in Sacramento. This could be a big part of the entire program concerning women’s issues AND women in theater.

  2. Fabulous! Hilarious!

  3. Hilarious! “Down There” is that exquisitely rare example of a comic piece that has something really meaningful to say, while leaving you in stitches. You go, Lucy Wang!

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