GuerrillaReads profiled in The Atlantic

In her new article at The AtlanticTaking it to the Streets, Katharine Schwab profiles a number of terrific ventures around the world that take literature out of bookstores and libraries and, well, into the streets. GuerrillaReads was included, alongside the Coffee Sleeves Conversation project at Coffee House Press and London’s long-running s Poems on the Underground.

In our interview, Schwab asked how this website is a marketing tool. I told her that of course I want to sell books, but GuerrillaReads is about more than that.

It’s about building a community—a literary community is really at the heart of this.

If you haven’t seen many GuerrillaReads videos, scroll down and watch, or use the tags to the right to find something cool.

I launched GuerrillaReads back in 2008 as a way to help connect writers with readers, while also trying to make the internet a little more literary. If you haven’t yet appeared on GuerrillaReads, check out our submission guidelines. And if you have, thanks for being part of this literary community that we are building one writer, one reader and one reading at a time.

Read Taking it to the Streets at The Atlantic.


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