In addition to some of the terrific comments we’ve been getting on our authors’ videos, other websites are taking notice and linking to us.  Check out our incoming links from

Media Bistro, Reading Under the Covers, and The Best American Poetry, who writes, “there’s a smudged, street-theater genius to this project.”

Here at GuerrillaReads, we take that as a compliment.

Stray Carrier Pigeon blog says, “Read, listen, watch, be wined and dined.”

To which we add – then send us your own guerrilla reading video!

We also got a nice shout-out via email from The Battered Suitcase, which recently published a short story by GuerrillaReads founder Bronwyn Mauldin.

Thanks for all the links and the kind words. If you run across any others, please let us know.


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