Support your favorite writers

If you like what you see here on GuerrillaReads, there are many ways you can support these authors.

  1. Luis J. RodriguezBuy the book The best way to tell writers you loved their work and help them make more of their wonderful writing is with a little cash.
  2. Write a review Readers depend on reviews to decide what they’ll read. Even if it’s just a sentence or two, your review of a book matters more than you can imagine. If the book is available on multiple sites, posting the same review to those different sites helps even more.
  3. “Like” them From Facebook to Twitter to StumbleUpon and beyond, every bit of social media support you can give a writer or her work helps other readers find them.
  4. Submit your own video The more writers we have on GuerrillaReads, the more readers we’ll draw in. Let’s build a strong online audience for reading and writing.

If you want to support GuerrillaReads, you can help by sharing the word with your friends.

What ideas do you have for supporting writing and reading? We’d love to hear from you.


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