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GuerrillaReads No. 19

Clouds brushed the wings of the airplane. José Francisco Verguerio Silva looked out the window and suddenly had the feeling of bursting through the glass, tumbling slowly through white heavenly wisps, and finally colliding with the ground, his long Brazilian name smashing into pieces and scattering. He got up to his feet, sobbing as he looked for all the parts of his name, but he had lost them.

By the time he lands in Los Angeles and leaves the airport, all that’s left of his name is “Joe.”

Click to learn more about Kathleen de Azevedo and her award-winning novel, Samba Dreamers.

GuerrillaReads No. 16

Meet Yolanda Sahagún, a clever young woman who finds the symbolism in life’s smallest acts and events. She grew up in Palm City, an immigrant neighborhood near San Diego. Now she’s in college, thanks to a scholarship from the Daughters of the American Revolution in wealthy La Jolla.

In this guerrilla reading, Patricia Santana reads from her award-winning book, Ghosts of El Grullo, at the Latino Book and Family Festival.

The book was honored with an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation and the Premio Aztlán Literary Prize from the National Latinos Writers Conference and the History and Literary program of the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

Learn more about Santana and her work.

GuerrillaReads No. 14

After Arizona passed its controversial racial profiling bill, SB 1070, response across the country was swift. Even poets joined in, including Juan Felipe Herrera with his poem Arizona Green (Manifesto #1070).

In this video, Herrera is joined by poets Michael Medrano and Anita Hernandez in a lively guerrilla reading of the poem at the Latino Book and Family Festival in Los Angeles.

If you’re having trouble seeing the video above, click here.

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