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GuerrillaReads No. 44: Melinda Palacio

Guerrilla reader Melinda Palacio writes award-winning poetry and prose, and she’s done journalism too. She says that her poetry training actually helps her as a novelist. In a recent interview, she said,

I went from writing journalism, reporting type of work, to getting deeper and deeper into language…  Poetry has influenced how I write longer pieces, and each word does matter.

Here, Palacio reads from her new novel, Ocotillo Dreams.

More info on Palacio’s website.



GuerrillaReads No.26

Native Angeleno Melinda Palacio is a poet and novelist.  Here she reads three poems from Folsom Lockdown, which won the Kulupi Press Sense of Place award.

Melinda recently described the back story behind Folsom Lockdown:

Earlier this year, in January, my sister Emily convinced me to accompany her on a difficult journey, visiting our father in Folsom Prison…. I didn’t realize the importance of this visit until weeks after I had arrived home. One day a downpour of poems kept my pen flowing. I wrote twelve poems about the experience over a weekend. My friend Susan read some of the poems and was the first to announce that I had a chapbook, and a good one. Keep writing more of those poems, Melinda, were her words to me.