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GuerrillaReads No. 22

Melanie Lutz is a magnificent woman.

In this guerrilla reading, Lutz reads from the title poem in her book, I Am a Magnificent Woman.

I open up to new possibilities
I am an active and purposeful participant
I own my gifts
And use them.

It’s inspiration for the magnificent woman in all of us.


GuerrillaReads No. 14

After Arizona passed its controversial racial profiling bill, SB 1070, response across the country was swift. Even poets joined in, including Juan Felipe Herrera with his poem Arizona Green (Manifesto #1070).

In this video, Herrera is joined by poets Michael Medrano and Anita Hernandez in a lively guerrilla reading of the poem at the Latino Book and Family Festival in Los Angeles.

If you’re having trouble seeing the video above, click here.

You’ll find more photos from the LBFF here.

GuerrillaReads No. 12

Ever wondered, how do the nudists get ready to pack? Poet Kim Dower knows the answer. In this video she reads from her new book, Air Kissing On Mars.

This guerrilla reading took place at the West Hollywood Book Fair.

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Click here for more about Kim.

Guerrilla reading, Saudi style

One of the hottest reality shows in the Middle East these days is Millions’ Poet, where poets from around the region compete to be named best Arabic poet. It’s sort of like American Idol, only the competitors actually have to write their own original poetry too as part of the competition. Even today, poetry remains a very important part of Middle East popular culture.

Earlier this year, Hissa Hilal won widespread acclaim – and some condemnation – when she competed and became a finalist for the grand prize. That’s right – she’s a she. Competing in a full abaya and niqab, she spoke out for women’s rights in her poetry as well.

This story from the BBC tells her story, and shows Hissa Hilal reciting her poetry:

GuerrillaReads No. 11

Poet Jessica Wilson is part of Soap Box Poetry. They take poetry to the Venice Beach Boardwalk every month. Watch her read one poem and build another off the cuff.

Click here if you don’t see the embedded video above.

All poets are welcome at Soap Box Poetry. Look for them near the Sidewalk Cafe on Sundays. Or see them on YouTube.

Happy National Poetry Month!

GuerrillaReads No.6

Poet Kim Dower reads four poems from a collection in progress, Air Kissing On Mars.

Dower is a Los Angeles area poet. Her previous work has appeared in Ploughshares, The Seneca Review and others.

This guerrilla reading took place on Mulholland Drive at Fryman Canyon in Los Angeles in October 2008.

GuerrillaReads No.5

Poet Gwendolyn Alley reads from a manuscript in progress, Shishilop Project taped at Surfer’s Point in Ventura, California, September 2008.

Alley’s work can be found at ARTLIFE Limited Editions and at the 3:15 Experiment. Her primary blog is the ArtPredator, which also has a YouTube channel.