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GuerrillaReads No. 76: Robin Winter

In Robin Winter’s dystopian novel, Future Past, “the first man he murdered returns to teach Ash Tarberrn how to be human.”

You can get a taste of Future Past in this guerrilla reading Winter did at the second annual LitFest Pasadena.

Winter is an painter as well as a writer. Read more about her, and check out her blog.


GuerrillaReads No. 50: Steven Paul Leiva

Live from the West Hollywood Book Fair, it’s Steven Paul Leiva with a guerrilla reading from his first contact novel, Traveling in Space (Blüroof Press). Leiva is a writer and producer who knows more than just a little about Hollywood and Ray Bradbury.

Writing about writing in a recent blog post, Leiva said,

Good writers do not channel in from some higher plain, they are simply human creatures who have a talent for expression and a talent, as Noel Coward would have said, to amuse. Brilliant writers combine those talents with a talent to reveal truths—or, at least, very interesting questions—about the human condition.

More about Leiva on his blog and Facebook.