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GuerrillaReads No. 63: Lynne Bronstein

Lynne Bronstein is a Santa Monica writer, journalist and poet. A New York native, she’s proudly maintained her New York state of mind despite many years in Southern California.

Here she does a guerrilla reading of her poem, “Born.” You can read and learn more about Bronstein on her website or buy her most recent book of poems, Border Crossings.



GuerrillaReads No. 62: Tom Schabarum

Tom Schabarum is a Seattle-area poet and novelist. While he’s published his novels to the Kindle, he still loves the feel of a book in his hands. He put it this way in a blog post,

In Seattle we have the beautiful Olympic Sculpture Park, which contains a huge sculpture of a typewriter eraser complete with circular rubber wheel and feather brush top.  When I have young people in my car under thirty years old, I always ask them to identify it and none of them know what it is.  Hearing their answers keeps my mind pointing to the future and embracing it.

Read more about Schabarum on his website and his blog.

GuerrillaReads No. 61: L. Marie Cook

L. Marie Cook describes herself as “a sexually open potty mouth with a lot to share.” Watch her guerrilla reading from the 10th annual West Hollywood Book Fair to get a taste of what she has to offer in her book, Lay Me Down.

You can read more of Cook’s work – and learn more about the author – on her blog.

GuerrillaReads No. 60: Tymeka Coney

Tymeka Coney is recession-proof.

In her guerrilla reading at the 10th annual West Hollywood Book Fair, she showed us how. She read from her book of poetry, Words Unspoken, about making it through the recession and about Michael Jackson.

More about Coney on her website or on Facebook.

GuerrillaReads No. 59: Guy Magar

Filmmaker and writer Guy Magar has more than 100 film credits including episodes of series La Femme Nikita, Sliders, The A-Team, Blue Thunder, and Dark Avenger. In 1995 he was nominated for a Golden Reel Award for his television work on the series Nowhere Man.

Here Magar does a guerrilla reading from his Hollywood-behind-the-scenes book, Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot. In the book, he tells stories from learning that his first producer turned out to be a Mafia assassin, to the time he almost accidentally decapitated a young Drew Barrymore.

GuerrillaReads No. 58: Irene Turner

Who doesn’t love a train ride? Especially writers. You can arrive at your destination rested, the seats are wide and spacious with lots of legroom, and you can actually get some work done as you make your way to your destination. Just try to get a laptop open on today’s coach class airplane seats. I dare you.

Even legal thriller dude Scott Turow famously wrote his first novel on a commuter train.

Guerrilla reader Irene Turner has, well, a rather different take on the topic. Here she is reading her piece How Not to Get Work Done on Amtrak. It appeared in Gargoyle Issue 56.

GuerrillaReads No. 57: Vanessa Van Wagner

The person who has a hammer
Tends to see everything as a nail

So begins Vanessa Van Wagner’s poem, Not the Other Guy.

She did her guerrilla reading live at the 10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair. You can connect with Van Wagner on Facebook.