GuerrillaReads No. 51: Occupy Poetry!

I dropped by Occupy LA again today, this time with a few gallons of water and a copy of my book, The Streetwise Cycle, to donate. The guy at the library told me that poetry and plays are the most popular items getting checked out. Which is great news! That’s definitely not what they’re pushing at the big box corporate bookstores.

While I was there, the library organized a poetry reading. Some folks read works by famous poets, while others read or performed their own work. Two of them were kind enough to do guerrilla readings of their own poems on camera.

First up, Courtney Klink.

I thought these lines from her poem were particularly timely:

Liliana is singing a sparkling revolution
It’s too bad no one’s listening.

Next is Tina Xu:

My favorite lines:

I can’t get by one day without wanting to burst
So teach me, will you,
Teach me to shine on like you.

GuerrillaReads would love to post more work from Occupy writers! Send us your video, or drop me a line.


4 responses to “GuerrillaReads No. 51: Occupy Poetry!

  1. Thank you for posting this. I feel really middle-aged when I see someone giving a reading of her own poetry from a hand-held electronic device! If I was any good as a performer I would read my poetry in public (I’m not, I die of stage fright, I have a tiny voice that cracks; other people read my poetry for me, thank God!). If we had anything worth occupying in Dundee, I’s occupy it. 🙂

    Marie Marshall

  2. Typo: delete “I’s”, insert “I’d”.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Marie. Your blog is lovely.

    I’ve done a couple of guerrilla readings from my Kindle, but when Tina pulled out her phone on the spur of the moment said, “Oh, here’s a poem I wrote a while back,” I realized we are living in a whole new age.

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