Your writing: Top 5 list

Can an online video help you promote your writing?  Just ask Kelly Corrigan, author of The Middle Place, a NYT bestseller for 20 weeks. She credits a couple of amateur online videos she made with the bulk of her sales. One video of her reading has had 4.5 million hits.

The Future of Publishing Think TankGuerrillaReads is a member – recently conducted a survey to find out how and why readers find the books they read and buy. We’ve shared our findings in an online slideshow that includes recommendations for how writers can promote their work.

Our Top 5 recommendations:

  1. Ask friends and family to help promote your work (we have some specific suggestions for how they can)
  2. Get media outlets large and small to review your work
  3. Work, work, work the internet (get those videos going!)
  4. Create more personal connections with readers
  5. Cultivate the next generation of readers

Here’s a short version of the slideshow. To see the full show, click here.


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